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Review of Chaitanya Srushti, Ladghar, Dapoli

I would strongly recommend this place for group trips if you are looking for a place to unwind and let nature heal you. More so, if your group is about 12–15 people, you feel as if you own this resort.

Chaitanya Srushti, Ladghar, Dapoli

This place is not for you if you can’t appreciate simple rural life in the lap of nature, or if you’re looking to sit-back in your room and watch television, or have come to Konkan to relish non vegetarian or sea-food.

As for the facilities, there are 5 rooms that can easily sleep 3 people each and a dormitory that can accommodate a large group. There is abundant open farm area with a variety of flora to roam about and relax. The entire property is spick-and-span and in an unpolluted environment.

The kitchen serves finger-licking lip-smacking food that can be customised to your taste and is home-cooked. We asked for food without onion and garlic, and it was prepared accordingly. Dr. Bal specially designed the menu bearing in mind the Ayurvedic properties of different kinds of food.

We were lucky to get personalised health guidance and lifestyle recommendations based on Ayurveda from Dr. Bal.

Dr. Bal and team’s hospitality was unparalleled, can’t talk about it enough.